Radio Hill Technologies launches Block 3 DRONEBUSTER

Portland, Oregon-based Radio Hill Technologies (RHT) is launching the Block 3 Dronebuster hand-held counter-drone detection and jamming system.  This is the third generation of the Dronebuster line of hand-held jammers.  This model, released on 1 November, includes improved range and reliability over previous models.  

It has the ability to detect incoming RF signals to aid in aiming the device in low visibility and display that signal strength via LED lights on the control panel.  It jams consumer and modified drone radios in the ISM, UHF HAM and GPS bands.  

The redesigned antenna cluster and amplification network provide directional jamming over longer ranges than any other man-portable system.  The Dronebuster weighs only 5 lbs. with a rechargeable Li-ion battery.  

The Block 3 Dronebuster is being marketed to Defense and Federal agencies only.