PIX4D needs you for crane based camera test.

This is so obvious it is a wonder that it has not been done before. But that seems to be the way the best ideas work.

Hang a camera from a crane and whilst it is doing it’s day to day job automatically grab images and create a 3D model of the building site!


Obviously, it totally avoids any drone regulations in force in a built up area.

Add in a few cameras on helmets, automatically sending back images. Virtual model building becomes a thing that happens in the cloud automatically.

I wonder if this method will be copied faster than PIX4D can get it to market? Several smartphones a solar panel and a waterproof box should be good enough for a proof of concept.

Pix4D are currently looking for 50 customers to take advantage of the crane camera by participating in our early adopter program. Early adopters will benefit from the free use of a crane camera system and exclusive access before the official launch. We ask for your feedback on the system, to help with its future development.


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