One Button Survey (OBS) crowdfunding goes live.

Epoc Unmanned Inc. is proud to introduce the “One Button Survey” system or OBS for short. Please forgive our hand-crafted prototypes! The production version will be tough, weather resistant and injection molded.

With all the “cheap as possible” failed Kickstarters we have carefully priced this funding campaign so that we can actually deliver a top notch, fully functional survey system to you in a timely fashion.

What is OBS?

OBS is the answer to a question every drone operator has asked: “How accurate is my drone data?

Most drone surveyors know that to attain accurate and proven data they should be using “Ground control”. However, buying and learning how to use expensive survey equipment so that you can locate that ground control has always been a barrier. We understand, and that is why we created OBS.

OBS is a simple and affordable DUAL frequency GPS survey system that anyone can use to produce accurate “survey grade” drone data using “Ground control and Check shots” in your data. Creating accurate data with drones is actually a very simple surveying task that can be accomplished without the complexity and cost of “professional” survey equipment.  This is where the “one button” concept came from: keep it simple.

Please pay special attention to the fact that OBS is a dual frequency solution. That means very little waiting time at each GCP or check shot. As a matter of fact similar times to “Professional” survey equipment are required. When compared to other DIY solutions this is why you will see a price difference over individual components that are incomplete solutions. In surveying you get what you pay for.

Accuracy is a bit of a dirty secret in the drone industry: it is common to see drone salesmen and service providers claiming to produce “survey grade” or “centimeter accurate” drone data. However, the salesmen and service providers do not prove the accuracy of the data. In fact, without expensive professional survey equipment the majority of drone data is not accurate at all!

How accurate is OBS?

VERY accurate. We compared a first generation OBS prototype to a $40,000 “professional” GPS survey system by using a ‘known baseline’ (two control points approximately 148m apart) established using a Leica total station. In this test the OBS survey system produced 2mm of error including the Z (elevation), compared to 1mm of error in the “professional” system.

Note the professional system was set up on a tribrach per accepted survey practice and the OBS prototype was literally taped to the rebar pin in order to simulate using OBS directly on a painted ground control target or other ground level control monument. Results may vary, but we have found OBS to be incredibly accurate in field testing under typical or ‘real world’ conditions:

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