It’s twins

Just a moment to notice a trend. Twin engined fixed wing platforms are beginning to make a comeback.

Perhaps because the limitations of flying wings are being found. Small wings are no doubt the best for hand launched surveys that cover much more ground than a multirotor can. When you scale a flying wing, 2m and above they start becoming a pain. Launches are tricky and will certainly involve a launch rail or bungee of some sort. They are super efficient though and do get the job done. Not so good for beginners.

Back in the day, many people used Graupner Twinstars as their development airframes because they were one of the only easy to obtain electric airframes that could lift any gear.

They were wonderful models only superseded by the Easystar.

Fast forward 10 years and large twin-engined models are back.

Offering a motor to get home in time for tea and medals should there be a problem with the other. Roomy box fuselages to put plenty of kit in. Able to break down and fit in a car easily.

All with enough power to get away from a hand launch.

Expect to see these being fitted with autopilots and offered by mapping airframe vendors.

Catching my eye this week the X-UAV Cloud,it should have a similar performance as the 1.8m My fly Dream

The X-UAV cloud is the fourth big twin to catch my eye this year. Skywalker have released two as well.