INEXA™ Control Subscription

INEXA™ Control is an intuitive ground control station that lets you operate unmanned systems while staying compliant with emerging Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. As the commercial variant of ICOMC2, INEXA™ Control is backed by Insitu’s comprehensive experience in professional unmanned aviation, making it the proven solution for safe and reliable operations. This is an annual subscription to INEXA™ Control Software which includes maintenance and software updates. 

What’s Included in every INEXA Control?

A flight management console that brings both flight information and flight controls to a single panel
A mission planning function to pre-plan flight operations, set operational limits, create and test flight paths, and identify operational areas or no-fly-zones
A route editor to help operators define routes with versatile waypoint actions for both platform and payloads
Advanced camera control system that can autonomously slew and track freeing the operator to focus on other tasks
An Augmented Video Overlay System that overlays video with real-time terrain elevation, satellite imagery and third-party GIS data all in a single picture
An alert management continuously monitors various factors and provides the operator with visual and audible notifications if an issue arises
An integrated simulation capability for training, planning, and rehearsal for efficient flight execution