GDU, the leading consumer drone manufacturer focusing on power and portability, today announced the company is shipping the much-anticipated Premium Byrd model featuring a 2.8 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal. The Premium model offers users the most capable consumer drone on the market with the ability to quickly and easily switch out gimbals for different camera configurations – and will soon include the ability to add DLSRs and mirrorless cameras to the unit via Universal Gimbals. Check out the latest video here.

While several companies have recently released their versions of the Byrd’s foldable design, none have addressed the additional problems users have with drones today – power and modularity. GDU created the Byrd from the ground up to solve all the problems users have with drones – first was the folding capability, then they gave the Byrd super strong rotors to lift up to a 5lb payload for bigger cameras (DSLRs and mirrorless types) and finally the modular design that lets users quickly and easily switch out gimbal/camera packages. Currently, that consists of combinations of HD cameras, GoPro and 4K cameras – this will soon also offer gimbals for infrared cameras and Universal Gimbals for DLSRs and mirrorless cameras.

“All consumer-level drones are developed for only one camera, but not the Byrd. GDU will continue to create new gimbal packages to keep the Byrd “future proofed” – they simply don’t want people to have to buy a new drone to use a new camera you might buy – that’s the philosophy behind the “flying platform” approach,” stated Nicolia Wiles, GDU Director of Digital. “You shouldn’t have to keep buying $1K drones you don’t need just to use a different camera. When you buy a GDU Byrd, you only invest in a drone once and can save your money for buying cameras you want to try. No other consumer drone manufacturer offers this.”

The Premium Byrd provides for 29 minutes of flight time, with a guaranteed 1000-meter video downlink system included in the shipped model (no additional downlink technology needed) and also offers a more advanced OFDM system, compared to WiFi transmission in the Standard model. The price of the Premium Byrd model is $999.00. Purchase information can be found here:

Premium Byrd Stats:
· Only drone with interchangeable gimbal/camera configurations (purchaser is not stuck with only one camera)
· Future-proofed for use with DSLR cameras
· ‘Follow Me’ technology
· Smart ‘return-to-home’ feature
· OFDM HD 1000m video downlink system
· Optical and ultrasonic flight assistance (for inside flights)
· 29-minute flight time
· Included 3-axis gimbal with 2.8 4K camera
· Route planning
· Intelligent orientation control
· Tested in the world’s harshest climates to ensure quality
· Military-grade materials for ultimate durability and quality
· 14.2V 6700mAh 4S Li-battery

For more information on where to purchase and product details, visit

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