First official public service emergency flight for DJI Mavic?

Mavic reconnaissance, shallow graves, farm drone fails, model aircraft or drone, airspace maps, patent laws and drones, Part 107 waivers and drone data aggregators. Just some of the topics discussed on the weeks #dronestuffthisweek.

Gene Robinson reveals early on that whilst testing RP Flight Services brand new Mavic he received a call out. By chance, they were close enough to be able to fly to the incident and live stream to the incident commander.

He was super impressed with their response time.

Gene is a drone search and rescue expert he goes on to explain all about looking for shallow graves. Not prime time viewing!

We went long this time, 1:30 of chat. So if you are having trouble sleeping this shows for you. If you would like to jump to a topic click the time in the info window.

Rory Paul of Volt Aerial Robotics, somebody that has been flying precision agriculture drones since the early 2000’s tells us what use a row or population count might be to a farmer. Also why they might not be all that interested in it.

Drone attorney Jonathan Rupprecht brought his mind to the subject of Part 107 airspace clearances. Just how long they are taking and how you might make it easier for yourself.

Rory San Miguel touches on how NASA are using Propeller Aeros, Aeropoints.

This leads onto a discussion about webinars, something we will have to think about at sUAS News and would love feedback from the community. Perhaps add any topics you would like to be spoken about in the YouTube comments for the show.

Stuart Townley of Flying Intelligence offers up a crash confession. Highlighting the dangers of commercial pressure.

Bruce Simpson of RC Model Reviews talks about birds owners and registration as well as making a clear water between traditional RC models and drones.

As ever Patrick Egan joins us to put his oar in and steer us away from topics. This week he tells us about his latest Barbie and wears a floral shirt. (I’m going to pay for this next week)

Some folks might not have come across Bruce before. I shall leave this here.