First flight for Freedom Class giant racing quad

A leap forward for Chris Ballard and the Freedom Class Racing Team. Leonard Hall of Ardupilot fame has completed a test flight in Brisbane.

Freedom Class hope to race multirotors that weigh 25-30kg and reach speeds in the order of 200km/h.

Well done all!

Speaking after the test flight Leonard had this to say.

“Our first test of the day showed good roll and pitch response considering we were using almost default parameters. We saw some oscillation in the roll and pitch axis but we were able to remove this by adjusting some of the PID filter parameters.

The next flight showed very smooth control with no oscillation and we were able to test some more aggressive roll and pitch commands.

As feared yaw was very sloppy however we were able to make some pid adjustments and bring the yaw control in line with what I would normally expect from a quad using 10-inch props. We were very excited by this as it meant that roll and pitch should be very sharp given the size of the aircraft and exactly what we want for a racing frame.”