Bid to challenge new Australian regulations fails


Common sense prevails in Australia! Since September, drone pilots in Australia have been able to enjoy light touch regulation if their platform was under 2kg in weight. Better still if you own the land you can fly platforms up to 25kg and more with appropriate training.

It is said that it was incumbent licence holders that tried to have the new regs quashed.

The UK was due to receive similar regulations next year. Light touch regulation sub 4kg, but the change of Government after Brexit put a lid on that.

Information on Part 101 disallowance motion

Wednesday 23 November 2016

On 22 November 2016, Senator Nick Xenophon withdrew his motion to disallow Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (Part 101) Regulation 2016 in the Australian Senate.
This means that the recent changes to the safety regulations covering the operation of drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) remain in place.

The amendment, which commenced on 29 September 2016, includes updated terminology and introduces an excluded RPA category with reduced regulatory requirements for commercial operators flying RPA smaller than 2 kilograms and some landowners and leaseholders carrying out commercial-like operations on their land.

For details on the recent changes, guidance and general information on RPA operations in Australia, including an eLearning module suitable for all operators visit, phone 131 757 or email [email protected]