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Airobotics Launches Developer Program To Create An “App Store” For Automated Drones


Airobotics, a global leader in fully automated industrial drones, is announcing the launch of its official developer program, a new initiative that provides third-parties with the ability to design and develop software that will be integrated into and operated by its drone platform. With this announcement, Airobotics is opening the first “App Store for Industrial Drones”, for which any developer or company may develop software utilizing Airobotics’ automated drone platform.

The Airobotics’ software is both a complete operating system and an open platform, designed with scalability in mind. With the official developer program, third parties will now be able to build and customize software apps to support and manage various new missions.


As a completely automatic unmanned aerial system, the first of its kind in the global market, Airobotics empowers industrial companies to leverage the power of drones without the need for human intervention. At the moment, Airobotics’ customers run missions automatically in order to monitor, inspect, survey, and secure large industrial facilities and other strategic sites. These industries have various needs that a drone could fulfill, using a variety of potential applications.

The developer program will enable Airobotics to expand the applications delivered through the platform, and ultimately tap into new missions and markets that would benefit from an automatic drone platform.

“With the official announcement of our new developer program, Airobotics is well on its way to revolutionizing how drones can be implemented into different industries,” says Ran Krauss, CEO and Co-founder of Airobotics. “Our solution is the gateway to demonstrating the immense value drones can introduce to large industrial facilities. The variety of applications that can be created using our platform, will lead the way to the next generation of smart factories and facilities that are adopting industrial IoT.”

The Airobotics platform is made up of three parts: Optimus, a large, high capacity drone capable of flying 30-minute missions while carrying a one-kilogram mission specific payload, the Airbase, a completely automated base station from which the Optimus drone launches and lands on its own, without any human intervention, and the Software, which is cloud-based, enabling users to control and manage missions with one click. The system’s swappable payload mechanism, together with its Software, positions Optimus as a multi-tool drone capable of carrying various sensors and payloads. The dynamic, multi-purpose capability of the platform opens up the possibilities for entirely new solutions and missions that drones have never been used for before.

Airobotics’ solution is best positioned to add value to complex industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Sea Ports, and other industrial facilities. These industry sectors benefit greatly from harnessing aerial insights, surveying and mapping, inspection, & security and emergency response applications, which are critical missions for industrial facilities that can directly impact the bottom line.

To apply for the developer program and to learn more, visit:

The next phase of the Airobotics Developer Program will be an initiative for new payloads and hardware. Within the program, developers will create new payloads that will integrate new sensors, cameras and other tools with the drone platform.


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