3D Robotics to Present Site Scan at Autodesk University

3D Robotics to Present Site Scan at Autodesk University
3D Robotics Presents Site Scan Live Demo

This week Autodesk will be hosting Autodesk University in Las Vegas where 3D Robotics will be presenting it’s integrated Autodesk BIMS (Building Information Modeling) solution Site Scan. sUAS News was invited to preview the presentation which included a demo of the functioning system last week which I attended via web.  The new commercial Solo has a few major upgrades that make it considerably different than the consumer version of the sUAS platform, it has upgraded power management, GPS, and is fully integrated with the Sony UMC-R10C a proprietary camera system only available on the commercial Solo from 3DR. While a video gimbal design is still available for inspection purposes the UMC-R10C Solo Platform is hardware configured to that camera system for the purposes of reliability in the field.

Commercial Solo in flight

I’ve included a few slides from the presentation that give an accurate indication of what is being offered by 3DR and Autodesk. For those interested in learning about the advancing technology Autodesk has a unique service in the market and currently 3DR’s Site Scan is that only service that utilizes the extremely powerful end to end BIMS architecture workflow, which for those of you familiar with Autodesk products is quite amazing.

slide-1-com-solo slide-2-com-solo slide-3-com-solo

Chris Anderson discusses 3DR’s Site Scan

There are innovative things happening at 3DR with the power of Autodesk and tools like Oculus Rift one can only guess at what the future might hold,  Chris Anderson & the 3DR team have a few rabbits to pull out of the hat yet. With the ability to cover traditional commercial construction all the way into oil and gas and potentially even things like shipbuilding it will be interesting to see how things develop. For the moment Mr. Anderson says the company focus is on commercial construction around the world, but there is defiantly potential for so much more coming out of the integrated 3DR & Autodesk Universe.

For even greater detail take a look at the 3DR press release.  


Kirk Greninger