Verizon to sell drone data plans

This seems like nothing more than a renaming exercise for a data product. Verizon last week told Ryan Knutson of the Wall Street Journal that they were going to start a drone data plan.

Drone data plans will start at $25 a month for 1 gigabyte of data and $80 for 10 gigabytes, company officials said in an interview. The prices roughly align with what consumers pay now for data.

You can already stream DJI video out from your cell phone or tablet on the ground and there are many cellphone data GCS links out there.

This is nothing new.

I would like to have heard more about how they are going to connect off the shelf drones with their data services. What will the interface look like and which autopilots will it support.

There is no doubt moving data from drones to post production services is important.

Much cheaper dedicated drone data plans would be a boon for folks in the field where able to upload terabytes of images.

Using mobile data as a C2 link, well we will have to see what regulators like the FCC and OFCOM think.