sUAS Guide October update is out

sUAS Guide October update is out

Another quarter of the year has flown by (yes, I just did that) and there is no shortage of new drones milling about the skies of this blue marble.

Q3 Update – October 2016 –

Gary, Editor of sUAS News, recently mentioned that in his neck of the woods, and besides his own fleet of UAS, there are now at least four Phantoms flying around his vicinity that he knows about. This might seem quite the dull acknowledgment at first glance (it being dull in itself says something), but when one considers that his neck of the woods is quite a rural-middle-of-nowhere-amongst-the-rolling-hills-and-some-mountains of central eastern South Africa, it may not be so dull after all. As Gary quite rightly put it, “the drone age is really here”.

In this sUAS Guide update, we continue showing some interesting commercial and non-profit uses of drones operating in everyday life as well as in exceptional circumstances. sUAS News was also fortunate enough to be invited to see first hand a new electric/liquid-fuel hybrid VTOL UAS called the ALTi Transition on one of its final test flight days before production begins. This particular UAS is a great example of high-quality not-from-the-defence-industry industrial grade UAS beginning to show up on the market and further showing how far along the civilian industry has come from “home-built” once-off-suited-for-a-single-purpose type systems. With the continued minification of high grade sensors and other hardware, manufacturers are now able to design and build high quality and affordable (relative to defence industry systems) industrial grade UAS to are fill a rapidly growing demand in sectors such as mining, OGP (oil, gas, petroleum) and law enforcement, to name but a few. Another tick mark in the “the drone age is here” column.

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Tiaan Roux

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