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Six hour flight for ALTI Transition


Tiaan had a long day on Tuesday, he witnessed a six hour flight of the new ALTI Transition in South Africa. He spoke about his experiences during our weekly chat that evening.

The 2.8m wingspan seperate lift thrust platform uses a base px4 board from Drotek  which is connected to a proprietary avionics stack. This includes 3 separate pcbs, single ribbon cables connecting avionics stack/case to base and power distribution. The entire avionics cube is also suspended on a wire rope dampener.

Carbonix manufactures the airframe only, exclusively for ALTI based on their brief. Everything is assembled in South Africa.

A larger +-4m / 25kg AUW system is in the pipeline which will be available mid/late 2017

Tuesdays flight  was just over 6 hours, and 420km traveled. More to come in out next guide, out soon!  (No really)

So join Loretta Alkalay, Patrick Egan, Rory San Miguel, Tiaan Roux and myself as we discuss Part 107 operations, FPV and its legality.

The drone industry forecast for this week, for Drone Delivery and a whopping.

$5,043,35239,511 I have no idea where the commas go!

To jump to different bits:-

3:19 Delivery Drones
7:54 ALTI Transition
16:35 Part 107 Pilot statistics
22:30 Holding newbies hands
32:07 Aeryon Scout for $99 a day
35:01 Is there a future for drone pilots
43:23 Micro UAS rule
44:48 Part 101 / 107 and FPV

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