One Button Survey (OBS)

Are you ready to take your drone mapping services to the next level and add ground control? Are you already using ground control but tired of hauling 20k in survey equipment just to locate your check points and GCP targets?

Have your clients been asking for check shots to prove your data from your Ebee, Kespry, DJI or similar drone? 

The concept is simple, so why can’t placing ground control, and check shots be simple and easy to do?< Well it can! The OBS system was created with simplicity in mind. Just place one OBS module at the centre of your site (or on a known point) and push the button. The other one moves with you locating all of your ground control targets or check points as you go. This system works with any drone on the market such as DJI Phantom, Matrice M600, Inspire 1, Pixhawk, APM, Solo, Kespry or any other inaccurately geo-referenced drones. Finally you can stand behind your data with a consumer drone. No more heavy, expensive and complex survey equipment for simple drone jobs. It's time to make things easy! Our Kickstarter campaign will launch soon but we need subscribers and to get the word out first so stop on by, say hi and also check out Stryder RTK. Sign up for updates and news at