Korean Flying telepresence humanoid Robot Drone Man Fly

One of those, I’m not sure about this stories. No time to drive to your meeting, be in two places at once! An outstanding video! Make sure you watch it.

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’s (KAIST) human-drone interaction lab have designed an avatar drone, a flyable humanoid for telepresence.

Avatar drone, technically a convergence of telepresence robot and drone gives a distant operator a virtual trip to a meeting. Once landed, the drone stands upright to 140cm tall to match eye level of local users, you can gesticulate with two hands to make your point.

Manipulator equipped drones are starting to enter the market, but it is the first trial to couple a telepresence robot in an upright position and drone platform into one body.

Installing a robot body on a drone can cause issues with weight and balance of the UAS. Avatar drone is designed for a robot body on the drone to be lowered by gravity, and it achieved enough stability during flight. Researchers at KAIST plan to utilise avatar drone as a flyable avatar of handicapped and elderly people.

When the earworm gets you remember you heard it first at sUAS News ;-)

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