Epoc Unmanned inc. updates for OBS New functions, Price, Availability

Epoc Unmanned is excited to bring an update to the community regarding the OBS ground control surveying system.

First we would like to thank everyone for their support and feedback regarding the system. You have spoken and even though it’s clear you LOVE the OBS concept we will continue to listen to your suggestions and feedback.

New functions

OBS has just gotten better and easier to use. How? Don’t worry there is still only “One Button” however this button is used for power on and off. We have added new features which will allow you to control the OBS modules via Bluetooth and an app on your mobile phone.

One of the many advantages of the OBS concept over the competition is the ability for you to check your data by surveying “Check points”. Now you can designate and name those check points with your mobile and OBS. For example you may survey three ground control points and name them GCP1, GCP2 and GCP3. Then you may want to locate a feature to use as a check point. You could name the next surveyed point “CHK1, CHK2 or Manhole, edge of curb” etc. then go back to locating your ground control. This is not possible with “Smart Target” offerings and that is one of the many reasons we stopped development on our “Smart target System” six months ago.

When OBS is released you will simply connect to OBS via Bluetooth, place your OBS rover on your painted X or photo identifiable feature, name the GCP or feature, and wait a few minutes. When you bring these points into your favorite post processing software (Agisoft Photoscan, Drone Deploy, Maps Made Easy, Pix4D etc) it will be easy to identify which are ground control points and which are check points.

It just does not get any easier than this!

We have also been asked if there is a subscription that must be paid. The answer is NO! This system is entirely self contained and does not require a network nor a subscription to any post processing software. Everything you need to locate as many points as you want to centimeter accuracy will be included. No network also means you can survey ANYWHERE without needing to ensure you are within the network range.


We are pleased to announce the pricing for the complete OBS system will be $3900 USD. This will include the following:

1) OBS Base
2) OBS Rover
3) Charger
4) Case with CNC cut foam

Don’t forget this system will allow you to survey as many points as you want! It is not limited to the number of targets you buy.

We will also release accessories such as alignment plates for setting up over known points and other tools to make your life easier. Stay tuned we have a lot of things planned.


The OBS system will be a Kickstarter campaign, Support from the community has been fantastic. Having surveyed over 300 sites in the past two years alone we fully understand ground control and how to get the most accurate data from it. We also understand check points and how to ensure client end result satisfaction. We feel that taking the proper amount of time to create this product is key. Kickstarter will be released early November 2016 for a 60 day campaign thus ending in December. We are aiming for March 31 to begin delivering the OBS system which will be just in time for the 2017 construction season.

Thank you again to all our subscribers not only for their feedback and questions but also the positive support emails and messages. We will supply more information in the coming weeks.

If you have not already done so please visit www.epocdronesurvey.com and add yourself to the mailing list.

We understand you want OBS as soon as possible and we are working very hard. However, the more people we can get the word out to regarding OBS the better chance we can have this industry changing hardware in your hands.

Steve Kloppenburg
CEO Epoc Unmanned inc.
[email protected]