The Drone Mapping Directory from Drone Deploy

A very clever move from DroneDeploy. The company that was going to add a black box to your UA filled with mapping magic has well and truly pivoted.

It’s a different vision to when they started. Drone Deploy provides all the post production work and now gives a method to promote your business.

Joining the dots for newly minted Part 107 companies.

Also giving the client an opportunity to see what you can do, and maybe let the FAA see where you did it. I can see a slight resistance in that this also gives your competitor a chance to see where you have pitched or won jobs.

Sleek agile young companies are making the ground now. Established European incumbents seem to only follow these days.

Today we are excited to launch the Drone Mapping Directory, an entirely free service to connect businesses with drones service providers. Where other drone service marketplaces have focused primarily on photo and video services, this new directory focuses exclusively on drone mapping and enables pilots to showcase examples of their previous mapping projects.

Whether you’re a pilot looking to showcase your work and grow your client base, or a business looking to hire drone mapping services, the new directory can help you find your next partner.

Drone service providers are excited about the new directory — over 250 pilots have already listed their services — and hope it will help drive consistent mapping work.

“Drone companies that invest in their customers’ growth help develop and advance the commercial drone industry as a whole,” stated Eric Harkins, founder and CEO of Back Forty Aerial Solutions. “DroneDeploy gets it, and their new operators network allows us to reach new customers while leveraging their software to grow our business.”