Drone Company Takes the Lead in Education

Southwest Florida commercial drone company, Soaring Sky, has started an After School Program aimed at developing drone industry leaders in middle and high school.  The STEM-based program emphasises drone design, programming, and engineering, as well as basic flight skills.  The higher-level program will also prepare students for industry certification, which would allow students to work as commercial drone operators.

“When you look at the future of the drone industry you are just beginning to see how this technology can positively impact the world,” said Soaring Sky Co-Founder, Ryan Cowell. “Looking 20 years into the future, we must prepare the next generation of industry leaders today to ensure that the industry continues to thrive.”

The Soaring Sky Academy After School Program, at just $60 weekly, takes students from drone history to building a drone from start to finish. Advanced concepts – from physics to the basics of 3D printing – are broken down into manageable components for all grade and learning levels.  Sixth graders learn the forces of flight and the basics of physics, while advanced grade levels learn software design and industry regulations. Soaring Sky developed this program in response to growing demand for the state-of-the-art drone curriculum, which they offer to districts and classrooms across the nation.

“We want students to have hands-on experiences and opportunities to advance in their future careers,” said Cowell. “Hosting the After School Program will allow us to provide the highest quality training and education.”

To learn more about the Soaring Sky After School program you can visit info.soaringsky.net/asp.

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