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XTENDERmp Take your UAV to the next level with this power solution

XTENDERmp taps into the power of a world-recognized autopilot and expands it to fill the gap between standard autopilot functionality and your specific requirements.

MP plug-ins are code modules that execute at the same time as the autopilot code and allow customers to add functionality to the autopilot to differentiate their products and close the gap between the standard autopilot functionality and their custom requirements
  • MP plug-ins can access 64k RAM for data and 64k Flash for code
  • MP plug-ins run under the autopilot simulator to simplify testing and speed development
  • MP plug-ins can access all autopilot state fields
  • MP plug-ins can provide customer-specific servo mixing
  • Customer-defined control laws can replace any or all existing MP2x28 control laws
  • MicroPilot plug-ins can access unused autopilot hardware for custom payload control and data collection
  • Up to 9 I/O channels are available for MicroPilot plug-in. Each I/O channel can be configured as one of: serial input, serial output, PWM in, PWM out, single-bit input, or single-bit output



XTENDERmp includes a “software in the loop” 6-DOF simulator linked to autopilot code.

  • Simulator update rate: 150 Hz
  • Accepts autopilot commands via PC serial port; speeds development of embedded payload/mission controllers
  • Simulates communication, engine failure, loss of GPS lock, loss of RC signal, loss of communications, and low-battery failures
  • Availability of simulator gives end-product training mode

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