Tiny SLT from Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Experts

SUAX founder Joseph Aletky has recently revisited VTOL craft and may have created the world’s smallest separate lift thrust (SLT) craft. Ardupilot code flies the craft.

Not much room for sensors but and excellent test platform.

Nano VTOL Full Specifications-

AUW: 610g

Endurance with VTOL Takeoff/Landing: 12 Minutes

Autopilot: Pixhawk 1 with GPS, 900mhz Telemetry, & Power Module

Firmware: Arduplane 3.7.0

Airframe: RMRC Skyhunter Nano RTF

Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 4s 850mah 45C

Pusher Motor: Multistar 2206-2150kv

Pusher ESC: 3DR 20A w BEC

Pusher Prop: 5×5 Tri-Blade

Lift Motors: Emax 1306 4000kv

Lift ESCs: DYS 20A

Lift Props: 3×3 Quad Blade

FPV: RMRC 25mw 5.8ghz all in one Tx + Camera

Also if anyone would like the file to 3D print the booms send me an email: [email protected]

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