Skyward, the leading drone operations management platform, has announced Pilot Finder, the simple way for companies to connect with qualified pilots who meet their unique job requirements in a specified region.

This new feature allows Skyward Business and Enterprise subscribers to search for pilots based on:

● Areas of expertise and services provided

● Total and historical flight hours

● Qualifications, licenses, exemptions and certificates (for example, FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, sport pilot’s license, or an SFOC)

● Insurance coverage and service area

Business and Enterprise subscribers who need pilots for a one­off project or to build a network of qualified pilots­on­call will be able to use Skyward to search for and contact qualified pilots through the new Message Center. The program allows businesses and enterprises to specify location, select desired services, and even filter by drone manufacturer. Skyward will display a list of organisations that meet the selected criteria so companies can compare drone service providers by flight hours, experience, insurance coverage, certification, and more.

Pilots and small businesses can become visible to companies looking for pilots by creating a free profile on Skyward. Individuals can add qualifications, a photo, insurance information and how far they are willing to travel for a job.

As a pilot logs more flight hours in Skyward, the pilot’s profile automatically aggregates total flight hours toreflect the pilot’s growing expertise.

“Creating a profile on Skyward gives us an excellent opportunity to tell the world who we are, what our qualifications are and the types of services we provide. It’s just the visibility we need as we look to connect with new clients in this rapidly expanding market,” said Justin Moore, Owner and Chief Pilot at Airborne Aerial Photography.

“Skyward supports commercial operations for companies at every stage and size, and our goal is always to help our clients eliminate inefficiencies and headaches,” said Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO. “Many larger companies and network operators have told us that one of their biggest operational challenges has been finding qualified pilots. At the same time, small businesses were asking us for advice about demonstrating their expertise to prospective job networks, employers, or customers. Pilot Finder connects companies with qualified pilots, simplifying the end­to­end process of running a drone operation.”

Pilots and small businesses can build a free profile now by creating an account at, adding a photo, and of course, logging flights in Skyward to build their flight hours.

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