It is Skywalker’s latest masterpiece that acts as long-rang cruise professional aerial survey aircraft.

WALL-E 2000 has three active canopy hatches that made of translucent frosted sheet. It is not only have beautiful appearance, but also very convenient and practical. The inner space of cabin adopts lamination processing that increases one times of available area on the condition that original volume are the same. Electric accessories can be placed and fixed well in this inner space.

It is equipped with strong double front engines that can control aerial vehicle flexibly. Through a large number of optimization design and repeated flying testing, it can complete high quality flying, aerial shots and aerial mission in complex environment with real-time dynamic control system on the fuselage.


Motor: 2815KV 650*2pcs
Wing span:  2030mm
Propeller: (9*6/10*6 )*2pcs
Fuselage length: 1120mm
Servo: 12g*4pcs
Wing area: 48dm^2
Flying weight: 2500g-3000g
Battery: 4S 10000-16000mah
C.G.: 80-85mm behind the leading edge
Takeoff: Hand cast, catapult shot
Landing: Parachute landing
Air speed: 60-80km/h
Maximum of flying time: 60-120min
Maximum of flight level: 6000m

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