Saudi Aeryon Scout discovered in Yemen

I’m not entirely sure this is a shoot down. Looks more like a poorly maintained machine that auto landed.

It is in quite a good  condition considering it has arrived at the ground all by itself.

Amnesty International calls the war in Yemen, “The Forgotten War”

On 25 March 2015, an international coalition led by Saudi Arabia launched air strikes against the Huthi armed group in Yemen sparking a full-blown armed conflict.

Over the following year, the conflict has spread and fighting has engulfed the entire country. Horrific human rights abuses, as well as war crimes, are being committed throughout the country causing unbearable suffering for civilians.

As well as relentless bombardment by coalition forces from the air, there is a battle being fought on the ground between rival factions. On one side are the Huthis, an armed group whose members belong to a branch of Shi’a Islam known as Zayidism. The Huthis are allied with supporters of Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. On the other side are anti-Huthi forces that are allied with the current President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Saudi Arabian-led coalition. Civilians are trapped in the middle – thousands of them have been killed and injured and a humanitarian crisis has spiralled.

For a year much of the world has ignored this raging conflict and heard little about its devastating consequences.

I must admit I had no idea Canada was now the #2 arms exporter to the Middle East.

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