RC Groups makes first in depth DJI Mavic review

RC Groups makes first in depth DJI Mavic review

Further underlining just how much DJI understands the market they made sure RC groups, the largest radio control community on the web got their hands on a Mavic early.

This has been a masterclass in drone launching, any other manufacturer should learn from the Mavic launch and make a play book from it.

Scott Simmie wrote the review and Matt Gunn kindly sent it on to us.

Let’s be clear: The new release from DJI – the “Mavic” – is a radical departure for DJI. It is not a new Phantom; not a new Inspire. It is, in fact, unlike anything DJI has produced in the past. And it does a heckuva lot, very well, for its price.

For weeks in September, leaks kept popping up about a new DJI drone scheduled for imminent release. It was, according to the first leaks, to be called “Mavic” – a name DJI had apparently copyrighted.

Then came the images: What appeared to be a small drone with folding arms and folding props. In its condensed form, it looked vaguely like a grey grasshopper: Compact, but filled with potential energy.

On Friday, we received a test unit. (DHL actually left it in the backyard at an address two blocks away, but an honest homeowner hand-delivered it 90 minutes later.) And, despite the plain box and bubble-wrap, inside was a fully-functioning Mavic Pro – performing exactly like the ones DJI will start delivering in October.

Well, initially it actually wasn’t fully functioning. Because this was a beta unit (and not from the factory run consumers will get) there were a few tweaks. Firmware upgrades, binding to the controller – things purchasers won’t have to worry about. But, with a little help from our friends, we figured it out. Soon, we would discover whether the Mavic Pro would live up to DJI’s industry-leading reputation.

Though the Mavic Pro is a small device (you could throw it in a shoulder bag or glove box), the iOS app we downloaded hinted at some very intelligent features (Android is being finalized and will soon be ready for prime-time).

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