Mine and inspection drone simulator

It is another thing I didn’t see coming, that I should have. Simulator company Simlat have developed high-fidelity simulation capabilities for UAS-based mining inspection .

The Mining Package,as well as the utilities inspection package introduced a few months ago, were designed to provide a further detailed level of training for the UAS operators on a specific civil application. The package allows the operator to experience various aspects of the Mining workflow before implementing it in real life. This is achieved by using specific scenarios and 3D models related to mining which allow training in a highly realistic arena. In addition, the provided terrain is a high-resolution geo-specific location in Hawaii which further enhances the user experience in the simulated training.

Of course I should have seen this coming, this is a bigger market than military simulation.

All good commercial drone training schools will be looking to get as much training done as possible indoors out of the weather H24. Not only out of the weather but away from regulations.

Well done Simlat, you lead the field.