Creating a Mesh Network with Drones

Operating in remote areas can present challenges in communications. In areas with weak or non-existing communication networks, large changes in elevation or obstacles, one must look for other purposes of establishing communications. Where there are no towers, drones can be used to set up temporary communication networks.

However, limited flight time of drones can cause problems in these cases. For this purpose, a tethered drone system can be used. The tethered drone system uses an intelligent winch system that powers the drone from the ground, allowing the drone to stay up in the air for extended periods of time due to the system no longer being reliant on a battery.

Below you can find a video demonstrating the capabilities of UgCS ground control software working together with Rajant BreadCrumb® modules to create a mesh network. This setup can be used to quickly and easily establish a multi-node network using drones. It allows sending flight data as well as video stream to a ground control station operator from multiple drone operators in the field.

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The newest version of UgCS ground control software can be downloaded here:

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