ALTiMapper AV-01 fixed wing mapping platform launched

Aerovision Unmanned Aerial Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a Cape Town based aerial surveying and remote sensing service provider are pleased to announce the launch of their fixed wing mapping platform, the ALTiMapper AV-01.

Based on a well proven wing-type airframe, the ALTiMapper AV-01 is an extremely durable, affordable and easy to use UAV mapping platform that is packed with features, usually only seen in high-end platforms.

“We designed the AV-01 with the end user in mind, but at the same time providing a stable and reliable platform for accurate, high quality georeferenced imaging,” said Ian Freemantle, CEO and founder of Aerovision South Africa. “As early pioneers in remote sensing and precision agriculture, we were looking for a cost effective UAV mapping platform that would handle our tough conditions and still provide us with good, reliable data. The AV-01 was built on our experience and knowledge in the field. A tried and tested workhorse”.


With a 1.95m (6ft 4.7”) wingspan, the AltiMapper AV-01 is capable of up to 60+ minutes flying time at a cruising speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) and is able to cover more than 150 Ha in a single flight.

Fully Automated Missions

Using the highly rated open source Mission Planner software, the AV-01 is capable of fully autonomous missions from take-off to landing. With an easy to use interface for mission planning and real-time telemetry data feedback, planning and executing an autonomous mission has never been easier.

Accuracy & Precision

The AV-01 uses the highly accurate and reliable Pixhawk autopilot system with the latest UBLOX NEO-M8N GPS module for precise flight paths and accurate image geo-tagging. For more precise mapping solutions, an RTK system is optional.

Camera and Sensor Options

The AV-01 payload bay is designed to fit the Sony a5100 24Mp camera as standard. The camera is fully integrated with the flight controller for accurate, distance based auto triggering. For precision agriculture and NDVI analysis, a modified NIR version of the Sony a5100 is also available.

The payload bay can easily be customized to fit many other cameras and multi-spectral sensors.


Complete Solution

The ALTiMapper AV-01 is a complete solution that includes the aircraft, bungee launch, flight case, ground control station (incl. laptop and radio transmitter), batteries, chargers and mission planning software. Each aircraft is flight tested and custom tuned before being shipped.

Training options from beginner to advanced are provided on a customized basis. Aerovision also offers a data processing and analysis support service for achieving meaningful results.
Visit!altimapper/ocvbm for more info on the ALTiMapper AV-01.