Airogistic Launches New Version of DroneDome

Airogistic LLC, a leading pioneer for developing UAV infrastructure products and services, has introduced its new version of the DroneDomeTM with improved features that can be configured for larger flight areas. The Airogistic DroneDomeTM is an outdoor UAV netted test, launch and landing shelter that allows for the controlled and personnel safe environment development of small multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).

With this latest model, the DroneDomeTM has a configurable flight area that can be larger or smaller than the standard size which measures at 40x50x30 ft. The larger flight area allows drone users, developers and researchers to fly larger drones for longer distances within the DroneDome and is outside the jurisdiction of any Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) constraints or restrictions. Also included is a retractable roof that is an integrated feature to allow one person to safely raise or lower the roof. This allows the DroneDomeTM to be easily stowed for bad weather conditions, such as high winds and storms.

“The new DroneDome allows users to do a lot more than just test out drones, with this latest version, the DroneDome can be scaled to host drone events, races or simulate drone applications”, states Mike Foley a partner in Airogistic.