Yardley, PA: Aero-Photos.ca has successfully achieved EXACT Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) safety, quality and risk management category 1 certification. Aero-Photos, a division of TriLink Aerospace Marketing, Inc., is the first Canadian operator to achieve the EXACT certification. The EXACT Program is a robust, standardized, international best practices certification program for commercial UAV service buyers and sellers and is based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Document 10019, “Manual on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.”Mike Venables, President of Aero-Photos.ca, said “We’re thrilled to receive this certification. It is an acknowledgement of the professional attitude that we bring to all our operations. The fact that we are the first to receive this level of approval in Canada is a bonus.” Venables added that “The review process, while extensive, was smooth and balanced.”

“It is with great enthusiasm we welcome Aero-Photos.ca to our international network of EXACT Certified UAV Operators. By embracing The EXACT Standard Aero-Photos.ca has gone beyond the minimum regulatory requirement and become an industry leader in safety culture.” says Art Dawley, Wyvern CEO.

The goal of EXACT is to help UAV end users make informed decisions about the quality and safety commitment of UAV operators and to gauge operators’ commitment to mitigate risk in the performance of their service. Buyers are able to source Category 1 through 4 accredited UAV operators for their specific requirements and be assured that their vendors meet comprehensive industry best practices with a focus on safety, quality, and risk management. By committing to an EXACT quality and safety assessment, operators like Aero-Photos.ca are able to differentiate their business and achieve a competitive advantage.

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