100%: Unmanned Experts’ Students ACE First Part 107 Academy Course

100%: Unmanned Experts’ Students ACE First Part 107 Academy Course

Unmanned Experts (UMEX), a provider of unmanned aircraft managed services, consulting and training, announced a 100% exam pass rate for the students who attended its first week-long course preparing individuals to pass the new FAA ‘Remote Pilot Airman Certificate with Small UAS Rating’ exam and readying them for commercial drone operations.

UMEX’s Part 107 Academy (PT107) wrapped up on Friday 16th September in Denver, Colorado, with all 6 students, from three states and four countries, passing the Unmanned Aircraft – General (UAG) exam at the local FAA test center and applying for their Remote Pilot in Command status. They also completed two days of ‘operational’ ground-school and two days of flight training to prepare them for the actual drone flying they may be doing to support commercial applications.

The course included a complete ‘end-to-end’ demonstration of how UMEX’s own Operations Teams undertake a client’s Managed Services mission in the field using UMEX’s versatile Aeryon SkyRanger Small UAS.

Unmanned Experts’ unique five-day program is designed to cover the essential elements for qualifying to operate drones commercially under the Part 107 rules.  It begins by providing 15 hours of online Part 107 lectures. Then, in the classroom, attendees get in-depth exposure to operational topics including safety, ethics, UAS systems, emergencies, and flight planning and execution.

A full day of flight indoctrination is scheduled in a comfortable indoor facility, and another day focuses on outdoor, real-world flying. To simplify the Part 107 qualification process, after extensive exam reviews, UMEX takes attendees to a licensed FAA test facility to take the Part 107 quiz, with the test fee included in the Part 107 course tuition.

“I am ‘over the moon’ that this went so well,” said UMEX CEO Keven Gambold. “We like the format and the responsible approach of giving the students not just the knowledge to pass, but the SKILLS to become successful in this field. Congrats to Class 1, and we’re looking forward to seeing them back working with us very soon.”

Obviously everyone (especially the instructors!) were delighted with the results, as a few testimonials purport:

“In general, it is an excellent course, Keven’s broadcasting was awesome, he has an outstanding ability to explain all the topics and it is visible all the experience and knowledge he has. On the other hand, the on-site training has been a very important part because it is not just to pass an exam, it is the responsibility of flying aircrafts and the impact of that fact on the manned aviation and over the environment and the population, the instructors are fantastic and very experienced as well.” Paula C.

“When it is all said and done, my honest opinion that the class is very beneficial… I would be very interested in going out on a site job as a volunteer to see how it all works and see the “EXPERTS” do it. If you are ever hiring, I would like to be considered as I really like your company; ethics, safety, the people etc and would be very interested in becoming part of your team”. Jeff K.

To Jeff K’s point, UMEX does offer graduates the opportunity to intern with one of their Ops Teams on an opportunity basis (Luis is in Montana with a Team as this goes to press!) and UMEX actively networks with and for attendees to find them paying work. Out of interest, in this last class, all of the instructors were ex-UMEX students!

To build on the recent success, UMEX will offer another class from 14th – 18th November.  Interested parties can find details and booking information here: (https://unmannedexperts.talentlms.com/catalog/info/id:95). Joining Instructions can be accessed when the booking is complete. Discounts for public safety workers, military and veterans, and groups are available so contact training@unmannedexperts.com to get the relevant discount code.

As a bonus, UMEX has teamed with SGS Hart Aviation to offer a one-day Human Factors and Crew Resource Management Training course on Saturday 19thNovember. This tremendous graduate-level HF/CRM training event is designed to bring a company’s UAS/RPAS operations to a new level of safety. Details can be found here: http://www.sgs.com/en/transportation/aerospace-and-aviation/aviation-management-and-flight-operations-services/remotely-piloted-aircraft-systems-rpas-services. For more information, please contact training@unmannedexperts.com.

Unmanned Experts Inc. (unmannedexperts.com) is a Colorado corporation providing world class Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) managed services, consultancy, and training.  Our team of professionals, with thousands of hours of both UAS and manned flight experience, helps clients across many industries evaluate and integrate UAS tools and processes to aid precision data collection, cost savings, and safety improvements. UMEX specializes in critical infrastructure inspections in the bridge, transportation, oil and gas, and power generation / distribution sectors; and is FAA-approved through Section 333 exemptions, for commercial operations with more than 10 different aircraft types within a growing fleet. UMEX crews are OSHA-10 trained, NERC-screened and have peerless experience in the field.  The company has undergone ISNetWorld Certification and is presently in the final stages of receiving the SGS RPAS Safety & Compliance Verification.

Contact: Greg DePrez; training@unmannedexperts.com;  +1 303-398 7056