Staaker, out today with a discount.

Another week another folding wearable controlled quad copter. Out today, $100 discount for a few lucky buyers if you get in early.

All you do is wear a tracker, which automatically tells the Staaker where you are, and what you are doing. Using artificial intelligence Staaker also knows what you are going to do next. The AI will then decide the best angles to film you from, to give you the high quality cinematic footage you deserve.

We had the idea to make a drone that follows and films you completely automatically while shredding the gnarliest mountain lines where you just can’t fly a traditional drone. We thought “how hard can it be!?” and started work right away….

50 prototypes and 3 years later it turns out it was pretty hard. The team quickly grew and OJ (CEO) hired people that are way smarter than him. They built a predictive tracking system that works much like a human camera man and a drone that is fast, stable, robust, water resistant and has a long flight time. The tracker was also designed and built so that it can take a beating whilst being completely waterproof.

We have discussed folding follow me’s before… I am amazed that several big outfits are punting this one like its something new with special powers.


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