Solutions Based Approach Places MMC at the Top of the UAV Race

Natural disasters (droughts, floods, blizzards…etc.) cause immense crop loss and leave farmers with empty pockets at the end of a season. Yield increase is the only short term solution to such calamities. And with the latest technology of precision farming drones, farmers can examinine crops and maximize their harvest.


MMC’s partnership with an “agricultural intelligence” company Agribotix, as part of a growing trend amongst drone manufacturers, is a response to these particular agricultural trends. The joint venture between MMC and Agribotix, combines Agribotix’s specially designed camera and propriety software analytics with MMC agricultural platform drone and results in a precision spraying and crop analysis solution called Swift.

The all-in-one solution is fully equipped with a pesticide spraying nozzle and RBG/NIR camera. It simultaneously accomplishes two crucial task necessary for any successful farm. It sprays essential pesticide over the crops while concurrently mapping. With FarmLens software (Agribotix) a farmer will receive a precise and detailed crop analyses report. The report will contain yield prediction, initial ROI calculation, general health status of the crops and suggestions on how to cure any noted disease. The entire MMC/Agribotix solution comes for a very low price, is very simple to operate, and is extremely user friendly.

As a fairly new company, MMC has gone far and beyond to respond to the ever changing drone industry trends. It has entered the market with accuracy and a professional attitude. In order to position itself as the leader in the industrial UAV sector, it has generated four stable solutions, Garuda, Phoenix, Spider and Swift. The solutions answer general clients’ needs; they overcome industry obstacles, are very economical and ensure high profit margins.

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