SkySkopes hiring pilots

SkySkopes is looking for licensed pilots to join the team in the coolest side of UAS: the flying.  SkySkopes flies some of the most exciting missions in the country on turbines, transmission lines, substations, farm fields, and buildings of beautiful architecture.  We fly on USAF bases, have an FAA approved test site next door, and work with the United States’ premier UAS institution of higher education at the University of North Dakota.  The UAS missions conducted at SkySkopes must be flawlessly executed, which is why we are seeking the best and most certified pilots.
We will pay you to train on our aircraft and keep at least one reserved exclusively for you.  SkySkopes will also teach you about the regulatory environment and keep you up to speed with the latest and most cutting-edge software to process the unique aerial data you’ll capture.  If you have your private pilot’s license and think you have what it takes, apply at and come see what the world looks like from the bird’s eye view.