Septentrio announce release of GeoTagZ processing software

Septentrio are pleased to announce the release of the GeoTagZ processing software for use with high precision UAV operations. GeoTagZ is developed to make post-processing easy with only one step, the software reads both the UAV datafile, the reference datafile, and the JPG picures. The output file of GeoTagZ contains all JPG’s included with high precision positioning data at exactly the time the picture was taken.


GeoTagZ is bundled with the successful and reliable AsteRxm-UAS hardware consisting of the dual frequency GPS+GLONASS board and interface card with various useful features such as logging, power supply, and interfacing to camera and PC.

GeoTagZ is a revolutionary new way of surveying. Septentrio’s GeoTagZ offers to save time, reduce overhead and increase productivity by combining the powerful capabilities of any UAS with Septentrio’s OEM board, AsteRx-m UAS. GeoTagZ has 3 characteristics which gives it the edge over other solutions:

Eliminates costly ground control points

Totally handsfree automated process

Proven success in the field with RTK accuracy Increase Productivity

Tests have proven time and again that relying on ground control points is not productive and increases labor costs. It’s not practical in a mine with freshly exposed terrain and reaching inaccessible heights.

GeoTagZ is a more productive and effective method of surveying. GeoTagZ enables you to easily generate accurate and reliable GNSS data without the need for ground control points. Setup, Power up and Survey As small as a credit card, the AsteRx-m UAS is Septentrio’s smallest and most efficient OEM GNSS board.

Rapid to integrate, it delivers RTK centimeter level accuracy at less than 700 mW – reducing power consumption giving you more time in the air. Working in unison with the camera on the UAS when in the air, the AsteRx-m UAS logs the external event marker of the camera and the time stamp. These events are used by GeoTagZ software to embed RTK accurate georeferenced points into the images obtained from reprocessing the images later.

The AsteRx-m UAS works with real time differential corrections when available, and when unavailable, GeoTagZ steps-in to provide the precise and accurate positioning necessary.