Rio’s robot ring ruptured

Rio’s robot ring ruptured

So a high ticket price anti-drone system has failed to do its job or has it?

The Daily Mail reports that at least three drones were seen over the Rio Olympic opening ceremony.

Fanboys of some systems have been shouting loudly online that it could not possibly be one of their favorites as extra geofencing has been rolled out. News outlets are repeating this claim. It’s fantastic advertising for DJI. Anybody on the trade knows that you can fly manually and use the tin foil hat trick to blank the GPS and fool geofencing.

That aside, did the detection system really fail or did they encounter the first big problem for anti-drone systems?

Once you have detected the threat, what to do?

If authorities virtually shot down any of the three systems by disrupting their C2 link they might well have fallen into the crowd.

The Rio Olympics were using a system from IACIT

Today, security forces around the world are facing a new kind of threat. Drones, radio controlled flying or hovering over stadiums, prisons and places of great concentration of people, can pose threats such as:

• Recording and broadcasting unauthorized videos;
• Transporting explosives, illegal goods and other products.

IACIT Technology Solutions is proud to present its unique and innovative solution in the form of a lock system (Jamming), able to deal with this new threat.

The SCE 0100 the IACIT is the newest and sophisticated electronic countermeasure system “JAMMER”. Embedded in a robust and portable case, the SCE 0100 can be operated in any location to lock the different RF signals.

The SCE 0100 has as its main mission block Drones controlled by radio.

Gary Mortimer

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