Soaring Sky, a Ft. Myers-based commercial drone company has begun recruiting pilots across the nation to fill growing demand for commercial drone services. Their efforts represent the continued growth of the drone industry, and a huge opportunity for pilots seeking entry into the field.


“For the last two years Soaring Sky has worked extremely hard to become the leader in commercial drone services,” said Soaring Sky Co‐Founder, Ryan Cowell. “The release of Part 107 has provided us with an opportunity to soar to new levels and continue to grow our team nationwide.”

Providing services in surveying, mapping, inspections, aerial cinematography, and education, Soaring Sky will be offering full-time employment opportunities to drone pilots across the U.S. Further, the organisation is capitalising on newly released federal regulations and will be one of the only commercial drone companies to be offering a salaried employment in the industry.

They are riding the crest of the new technology wave. Their standards for pilots, however, remain high as their services often require complex flight manoeuvres and advanced piloting skill.

“We look forward to innovating, creating, and inspiring this new era of aviation,” said Cowell.

To begin the application process, pilots can visit the Soaring Sky webpage available here.

By Press