Improved video quality for your Bebop !

EVP (Enhanced Video Processing) is a set of features designed to improve the capture quality of the Parrot Bebop Drones!

Once the firmware is updated, your videos and picture will be brighter and sharper than ever.

A global capture improvement

    This update includes new video settings to enhance the quality of your shots and make it easier for editing. The video processing has been optimized to bring precise improvements targeting exposure measurement, noise reduction and reduce image compression.

Some technical information about the update:

  • H.264 compression optimized for higher video quality
  • Exposure improvement
  • Noise processing optimization enabling more details

New Video Settings!

From now on, you can:

  • Record video with less compression (which means better quality): 30Mb/s instead of 20Mb/s currently (ability to prioritize video quality over recording time).
  • Select the number of frames per second : 30FPS, 24FPS, or 25FPS
  • Deactivate if you wish the Roll stabilization (Ideal when banked turn mode is activated)
  • Prioritize video quality over inclination speed, for smoother video during acceleration

Successful First Impressions

    Before launching this new firmware, the 15 parrot ambassadors involved in beta-testing were all enthusiast about the improvement:

” Much less pixelisation and color temperature is better”

“Brighter and sharper than before”

“With the roll stabilization off the maneuver is (…) pretty unique I don’t think other aerial filming drone can do this.”

“The 3.3.0 update (…) give us a lot better video quality! Bravo Parrot for giving us a fantastic update”

“A great improvement in the update 3.3.0 is the absence of lateral black bands on the overhead shots.”

“I can see quite a large difference in definition in the 3.3 video, it is holding the 3/4 tones without losing detail in the high lights. It also appears sharper, especially noticeable in the leaves of the trees against the water. The high contrast areas show it more usually.”

“I think you guys are on the right track, having a camera stabilized internally as opposed to a gimbal externally has massive advantages and putting the research and development into constantly improving this part of the bebop 2 is time well spent. I personally think this update is a good step forward !”

And apparently, the firmware update has already been Bebop-Owners-proved: the private Facebook group “Bebop Owners“, created by the users for the users, has already multiple examples and testimonies of the update efficiency.

We keep on working to get our products always better. Stay tuned!