FPV Racing

Freedom Class -Giant Drone Racing

Tasmania, home to the world’s largest multirotor racers!

I am torn between thinking this giant drone racing idea is work of genius or lunacy.

I get that we will all be able to see and hear them from the sidelines. They will be able to lift all sorts of exotic HD video hardware. Including VR 360 rigs. The crash experience will also be something to behold. The ability to race in some fantastic scenery and take folks along in 3D would be quite the thing.

But will they catch on?

It is going to take some serious investment to buy a platform. You can’t put half a dozen in your hand luggage and jet off for an exotic weekend of racing. People are doing this, looking at you Luke and co.

So who gets to be a giant drone racer, only those that have worked up through some sort of league system?

What will regulators think of these beasts?

Whilst I’m finding lots of negatives, I can’t help thinking I want a go. What would it take to make an sUAS News team. Good luck to them, it will be something to behold.

Nice to see them sensibly using an established autopilot and flight controller in this video. Ardupilot is hard to beat for unusual platforms. Better still Leonard Hall is driving.

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