Part 107

FAA Part 107 waiver site now live

FAA Part 107

It’s all kicking off ahead of the FAA press conference this morning. Find it here

Obviously, you can’t apply for a waiver until you have your personal pilot paperwork sorted.

The big list of things that require a waiver below.

The good news for farm drones is 107.25, you could follow your drone around the farm with that. Remember somebody else has to be driving the vehicle, though.

I will let you go through the rest for your personal requirements gentle reader. 

The performance-based standards for waivers are here

Regulation subject to airspace authorization

107.41 Operation in certain airspace

Regulations subject to waiver

107.25 Operations from a moving vehicle or aircraft

107.29 Daylight operation

107.31 Visual line of sight aircraft operation

107.33 Visual observer

107.35 Operation of multiple sUAS

107.37(a) Yielding the right of way

107.39 Operation over people

107.41 Operation in certain airspace

107.51(a) Operating limitations: ground speed

107.51(b) Operating limitations: altitude

107.51(c) Operating limitations: minimum visibility

107.51(d) Operating limitations: minimum distance from clouds

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