DroneDeploy welcomes Part 107 commercial drone regulations

It’s all about growth and saving money, according to Mike Winn, DroneDeploy’s co-founder and CEO. DroneDeploy take images from drones and turns them into maps and actionable data.


“We had already seen remarkable growth in the commercial drone industry the last few months, and before the Part 107 implementation, the amount of data generated by our users had been doubling every four months. For example, among the newer industries to adopt drones, mining, inspection and oil and gas have been our fastest-growing sectors. We’ve also seen rapidly growing interest in using drones for inspection in insurance, particularly when assessing a claim. One insurance company used a DroneDeploy map to assess a fire at a resort in France, ultimately saving the company €99,985,000 (nearly $111 million USD).

We are extremely optimistic that today’s FAA changes will not only accelerate U.S. commercial drone adoption but could also positively influence other nations where drones are being leveraged for business”

Said Winn speaking after the launch of Part 107 commercial drone regulations in America.


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