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DJI summer sale, $500 off Inspire One Pro

They know how to squeeze the competition where it hurts. Next it will be Thanksgiving sales and then Christmas specials.

GoPro must have pages of spreadsheets tracking how DJI pricing fluctuates. Pitching Karma’s launch price is going to be critical.

There will be fanboys, always that will just buy GoPro. But the drone lands without any third support from vendors that help drones earn money. Data aggregation services like Propeller Aero and Drone Deploy.  Will Karma even geotag its images?

The selfie drone arena is crowded with capable sub $500 platforms.

Oh look, I meant this to be about how aggressive DJI are with pricing. Its turned into GoPro’s woes.

The Inspire on sale is $3399 and you can get a Phantom 4 with 2 extra batteries for $1399.

Fly off to DJI’s store for more.



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