FAA Part 107

Airmen Certification Standards (ACS) for Part 107

The FAA released a draft version of the Airmen Certification Standards (ACS) for Part 107 around June 21st.  Everyone went crazy with this info and started developing some type of study guide or curriculum for the Part 107 knowledge exam.

Some weeks later, the FAA released the final version of the Part 107 ACS. This is the standard by which the Part 107 knowledge test questions will be developed off of.

Did you know that it was updated significantly from the draft? Two areas on the test were INCREASED! One area was increased from 13-18% to 35-45%! Two areas in the ACS now make up 50-70% of the overall test.

Why is this important to know? So you can find out if the people who developed your study curriculum developed their study guide off of the final ACS or the draft ACS. This lets you know how correct the study guide will be.

Find out which areas so you know how to study for the test. http://bit.ly/2aZOyiJ