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If you missed the publication of sUAS Guide issue 2 on 1 July, go and have a look now. You can read it for free online in your browser or via your mobile device.

sUAS Guide Issue 2 – July 2016 https://joom.ag/ZcpQ

In this edition:

Aerial Survey in Mauritius by South African-based UAS operator Luke Wijnberg

Too Dam Dangerous? microdrones tells their story of surveying a crumbling dam too treacherous for human access

Delivery Drones DHL steals UPS thunder, sUAS News video article about DHL successfully completing actual deliveries with their new Parcelcopter tilt-wing drone

FAA PART 107 DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

We’re Back In Business Patrick Egan talks about Making the Drone Business a Legal Enterprise once again

FAA’s New Part 107 Drone Regulations Drone lawyer Jonathan Rupprecht tells us What Drone Operators Need to Know about the new regulations

Becoming a Remote Pilot in the USAFor First Time Pilots & What Existing Part 61 Pilot Certificate Holders Can Expect

Good News for Ag Drones in America An Easter Egg Hidden Within The New Part 107 by Gary Mortimer

The Responsibility of UAS Self-Certification Public Safety veteran and highly experienced retired Fire Chief Charles Werner talks about responsible self-certification for public safety UAS operations

Drone Services As A Business John Blair from Event38 Unmanned systems continues his multi part drone business series of articles

Maneuver Warfare TheoryEngineer Brett Hoffstadt explains an interesting concept – applying military theories to the UAS business world

UAS + Photogrammetry Reduces Cost and Risk of Surveys Jerry Fireman from Structured Information makes the case for using UAS and photogrammetry on surveying missions

Marketing Your Drone Business – How to Find New Customers Erin Olsen, The Director of Marketing at Skyward, provides some useful tips on how to find new customers for you UAS operation

How to Market UAS Services to the Tree Care and Landscape Industries by Dan Staley, Principal at Analemma Resources, LLC. a green infrastructure consultancy

Why You Should Have a Comprehensive Data Protection Plan Mark Del Bianco, Attorney at Law, urges UAS operators and service providers to actively manage their captured data

sUAS Detect and Avoid (DAA) – Requirements for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) Operations Kevin Nasman and Timothy Graham put forward a detailed white paper

Contractual Liability Insurance Coverage and why Unmanned Aerial System operators need it by Terry Miller, President of Transport Risk Management Inc.


Also, thank you to all the commercial UAS operators who sent in their photo submissions. If you didn’t make it into this issue of the Guide, don’t worry, you can try again for the next issue. Keep an eye on sUAS News for the call.

Congratulations to the following operators who made it into Issue 2

Brad Rohl from Rohl Drones Inc. – Stunning photo of a perched Bald Eagle taken from his Aeryon Skyranger during a tower inspection job

Cody Remington from IST Aerial – Showing his CR Mapper aircraft with the beautiful Colorado mountain landscape in the background while doing contour mapping & stockpiles for a landfill

FireFly Media Group (Chris Odom) – Heavy duty Airborne Mechatronics KX-8 Heavy Lift multirotor on a Victoria’s Secret Swim Show shoot in St. Barts, French West Indies

Chris Bates from Skyhook Media Ltd. – Aerial shot in beautiful Switzerland from a Freely ALTA drone of a Land Rover pulling a train across a bridge


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