Americas Multirotor

Oh look another quad

After years of flying drones and imagining their infinite possibility, we’ve brought our dream to life. Teal is more than a flying camera. It can fly 70 mph, withstand 40 mph winds, it’s built to run as many apps as you can think of, and it has a supercomputer onboard that lets it do things that no other drone can do.

Features Include:

  • Modes for complete beginners all the way to hardcore racers
  • Control from a smartphone, tablet or hobby controller
  • Teal OS, a software platform that lets anyone build amazing apps around it
  • Fast processors that move data like never before, on board the drone
  • Made in the USA

$1299 for something that won’t win an FPV race…. This product is shall we say built on sand. Mentioning racing in their blurb was a mistake.

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