Monday, October 25, 2021

Gatewing/Trimble :- Firmware / Software Engineer Belguim

Trimble UAS is formerly known as Gatewing. Gatewing was founded in the summer of 2008 in Ghent (Belgium) and developed into a full-fledged business thanks to the efforts of the three business-spirited starters of the company (Peter Cosyn, Maarten Vandenbroucke and Maarten Van Speybroek) and Gatewing’s young and motivated team. In October 2010 Gatewing launched its first product – the Gatewing X100 – which was the first turnkey unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for terrain mapping and surveying.

In April 2012 Gatewing was acquired by Trimble Navigation which makes solutions that are focused on applications requiring position or location – including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. The Gatewing solution perfectly adds to Trimble’s toolset. In June 2013, combined efforts of Trimble UAS and other sites within Trimble resulted in the Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging System. This all-Trimble solution includes both a successor for the Gatewing X100 and an industry leading office software solution for image processing.

The R&D, engineering, product marketing and production departments of Trimble UAS are still located in Ghent. The legal entity of this Trimble subsidiary is still known as Gatewing NV.


Your task is to develop, design, implement, debug, support and maintain the software link between the user interface software and embedded software of our Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) solutions.


As a member of both the hardware engineering team and the software team you’ll be the main responsible for development, design, implementation, debugging, support and maintenance of the software link between the firmware and user interface software, “Aerial imaging”. You will develop low-level libraries and design the necessary architecture to build reliable software upon. Additionally you will also help in firmware development and electronics.

Due to your mixed responsibilities between the software and hardware team, you are a systems engineer and thoroughly understand the interaction of hardware components, firmware and user software.

Key aspects of your daily work are:

  1. You design and develop the software architecture.
  2. You implement and debug code and create supporting documentation.
  3. You assist in electronics design
  4. You keep track of changes using Gatewing’s change management system.
  5. You understand the impact of your design changes on product reliability and safety and take appropriate measures (tests, redundancy, fail-safes etc)
  6. You respond to marketing requirements, plan, and deliver effective interlocks with the hardware and software organizations, ensuring quality deliverables while adhering to schedules.


You’re a communicator who’s not afraid to take up responsibility and make decisions in close cooperation with otherteam members within and beyond Gatewing. You have a practical mindset which leads you to an adequate solution within an efficient amount of time.

You have the organizational skills to manage and retain the overview of your work.

You feel at home within a flexible, young team with adequate but limited structure.


  • Mastery of programming in C++ and firmware in C
  • Software architecture expertise
  • Embedded software design expertise
  • Electronic design expertise
  • Avionics expertise preferred
  • Full professional proficiency in English is a requirement.


You should have one of the following degrees or a similar background with 2+ years of experience:

  • BS in computer science or engineering
  • BS in electrical engineering
  • Master of science is preferred