5D Robotics and FreeSkies Represent California UAS Innovation at SVIEF Beijing

Last week, the SVIEF 2016 conference took over the China National Convention Center in Beijing’s Olympic Village just a week ago. FreeSkies and 5D Robotics participated in addition to a myriad of drone, AR/VR, and robotics startups from all over China and California’s Silicon Valley. In addition to exhibiting their technologies, both companies had the opportunity to present to the 5000 attendees at the conference. Past SVIEF speakers include President Bill Clinton, Google X founder Sebastian Thrun, Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak, Xiaomi CEO Jun Li, and Baidu President Yaqin Zhang.

FreeSkies, a DJI 3rd party app developer and SDK partner, took home the Cross-Border Innovation Award for their embodiment of technology collaboration between China and the US. FreeSkies’ first consumer product, CoPilot, allows users of all experience levels (even a 7-year-old first-time pilot) to capture smooth and dynamic video using a keyframe-based autonomous mission planning interface. Initially proposed in research at Stanford’s Computer Graphics Lab, FreeSkies’ 3D path planning interface allow users to select 3D waypoints to design  camera motion beyond the traditional Orbit, Cablecam, and Selfie smart shots. Each 3D waypoint represents the viewpoint of the drone and by selecting the playback feature, users can visualize the entire video to be captured long before actually flying, eliminating user error and delivering smooth, dynamic video

If you are interested in partnering with FreeSkies or acquiring its IP, please contact Andy Putch at [email protected].

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