Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Best Platform for Pixel Based Computing is DroneData

DroneData® delivers Performance Boost Architecture, an advanced computing platform, for it’s newest line of GPU accelerated servers. This Performance Boost addresses all of the subsystems that comprise today’s data center servers.

At the core of our advanced computing products are the latest and fastest Intel i7 and Xeon processors commercially available. We performance tune the system clock from 10 to 30% beyond what is achieved by major OEM server suppliers. As a result of the additional performance, the CPUs radiate extreme heat which is damaging even under the lightest application workloads. Proprietary data center rack enclosures with thermal engineered air flow in tandem with liquid coolers are utilized to dissipate the additional heat with ease.

The latest server memory is utilized yielding a 25% speed increase beyond what can be purchased from any big box brand. These high speed memory modules radiate additional motherboard heat which the thermal enclosure easily dissipates.

To address working storage for data sets, the servers are equipped with the latest PCI flash storage subsystems yielding an extreme 4 x data transfer speed beyond today’s fastest solid state drives (SSDs).

The servers are designed to scale according to the customer use case. Each server is equipped with an engineered motherboard and power distribution system to adequately support up to three Nvidia GPUs. In all accelerated computing use cases, GPUs require considerable additional chassis space and power supply capacity.

On top of all the DroneData Performance Boost Architecture advantages, all servers are based on dedicated hardware and never virtualized which contributes to a more secure computing environment. In addition, Microsoft Server RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) yields full mobility for users located anywhere in the world.

Combined with data center 100% uptime power and blazing 1GB+ web connections all DroneData customers enjoy a robust high performance server architecture that cannot be duplicated from any source all for a simple monthly fee with no term commitments.

DroneData Performance Boost Architecture coupled with GPU accelerated infrastructure can be customized for most any use case utilizing the wide variety of Nvidia Quadro graphics processing units.

Passmark Performance Test can be used to compare the performance ranking of any existing desktop or server to DroneData GPU Accelerated Servers incorporating Performance Boost Architecture.