Agribotix integrates FarmLens agri-data platform with John Deere Operations Center

Agribotix integrates FarmLens agri-data platform with John Deere Operations Center

BOULDER, COLORADO – Agribotix, an industry leader in drone-enabled agricultural intelligence, announced it is now integrated with the John Deere Operations Center. Results from the award-winning Agribotix FarmLens platform provide farmers comprehensive, actionable data to increase yields and reduce cost. These include best-in-class drone data processing, analytics, NDVI Field Health Maps, and Variable Application Reports which can now be sent directly to a user’s John Deere Operations Center account.

The integration allows a user to push the Agribotix Digital Scouting Report directly into their Operations Center account. This report, the most intuitive and effective in the drone analytics market, combines whole-field evaluations with field-specific weather data and location-tagged photos and comments from scouts or agronomists.

“Because Agribotix is the leading drone solution provider dedicated solely to agriculture, we are especially excited about providing our customers a direct connection to John Deere, a company that shares our mission to help farmers stay competitive,” said Agribotix COO Paul Hoff.

The integration highlights the full range of Agribotix products that can boost a farmer’s bottom line, including:

  • Agrion Drone System: a major game-changer; affordable, portable, and built on the DJI™ Phantom™. Beginners fly within minutes, and produce real-time decision support for any farming operation. Bundled with three months of FarmLens service.
  • Enduro Quadcopter: covers 160 acres in half an hour; cost-efficient and easy-to-use; multiple sensors allow more informed decisions about input, irrigation, pest control and weeds. Comes with one year of FarmLens service.
  • FarmLens data processing and reports: fast, high-quality analytics bundled with all Agribotix drones and also available for people who already have their own. Provides results that help identify disease and pests, highlight issues with irrigation, plan precision applications, and better manage farmland. FarmLens report set includes Field Health, Variable Application, and Digital Scouting reports.