Thursday, October 21, 2021

Terry Miller, Unmanned Risk Management presents at sUSB Expo 2016 on Dromatics, telematics for the drone industry

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Terry Miller, Unmanned Risk Management on Drone Telematics

Terry Miller of Transport Risk Management has a ground breaking product for the commercial drone industry under his unit Unmanned Risk Management which has the ability to save operators time and money as well as open up new avenues of work that may have formerly been inaccessible, in this presentation at the sUSB Exposition 2016 he will be detailing how this product works and how it takes the time and complication out of underwriting insurance for UAS owners and operators.

UAS insurance telematics is part of the newly developed system within Dromatics product offered by Unmanned Risk Management, it aids in analysis of costs of operation and integrates tools like geofencing to assure clients operations will remain within the agreed limits. Terry Miller states in his presentation “Accident rates are plummeting for those using telematics” from his research on the use of these tools in the automotive and drone industry he expects those same benefits for drone operators as the statistics develop over time for drone operations.

If you missed Silicon Valley’s greatest b2b drone show watch this video it’s an opportunity to catch up with the competition, Transport Risk is one of the drone companies to keep your eye on!